How to Connect a Projector to Laptop (Steps by Steps)

Projectors have become a common appliance in the modern age. Now it is used in every other classroom, office even in a home. Surprisingly, most users still have no idea about how to connect a projector to laptop. If you are also one of them, you do not need to think anymore. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can display your laptop’s screen on a large screen by connecting it with a projector.

For the most common part, it is quite simple and easy to connect your projector to a Laptop or computer. Only you have to collect the right equipment and a piece of common sense to fulfill the task. Here we present the whole process in a few steps to guide you. You can follow the process below and complete the job very easily.

Requirements to Connect a Projector to Laptop

In the modern age, the projector prefers to enjoy films on the large screen at your home. There is a port to receive and display the image which is generated by the computer. You need to collect several types of equipment to connect a projector with your laptop. Here is the equipment list.

  • A projector
  • A projection screen
  • A projector remote
  • A laptop or computer
  • A VGA cable
  • A power supply cord
  • A power supply strip, if your power supply output is far from the setup location.

Collect the required equipment before starting the process. Once you have collected the required materials, you can move forward to connect the project with your Laptop.

Get ready the Projector screen

The projector screen is an installable consisting display or a plane surface that used to display the projection image to the audience. You can use any kind of projection screen or room support structure where a shiny and clean surface available. Whatever, a white surface is a great choice for the projector screen.

You should make a clean and dainty surface or screen as the projection screen. At the same time, you need to set up it according to the procedure-regulation. Make it ready inappropriate height and width with the projector throwing ratio.

Before start the real process, you ought to keep both the projector and laptops are turned off. And keep them alongside each other.

Connect the Video Cable with Laptop and the Projector

You need to connect a video cable (usually it is called VGA cable) with your laptop into the projector. Here you have to connect it on laptop external port by screwing tightly. And connect another end into the projector port.

Make sure to connect the cable securely.

  • Plug the Power cord with Projector into the power supply outlet

Now it turns to plug a power supply cord with the electric power outlet. You need to connect the power cord with the projector and the electric power supply outlet. Be careful to plug the power cord into the supply outlet. You may feel an electric shock to plug it.

  • Turn on the Laptop and the Projector

In this stage, you can turn on your Laptop and the projector. Firstly, turn on the Laptop and then turn on the projector by switching its power button.  May the power button locate on the top surface of the projector.

  • Connect a Soundbox

Sound is a great theme to enjoy the entertainment session. If you want to enjoy the films or pictures with a well-balanced sound, you can use a sound box to enjoy a high-quality sound experience. Let’s plug a soundbox cable onto laptops headphone point.

  • Projecting your laptop screen

Now, the equipment is ready to project the image on the large screen. You need to allow projecting your laptop screen by pressing the projecting key on your laptop.

There are different key to key to projecting screen for a different laptop. You can try the keys below to projecting your laptop screen.

FN+F4/ F5/ F7/ F8

You ought to know your laptop screen keys from your laptop manual or try the formula above. You need to hold on the function (Fn) button and press f4, f5, f7, or f8 key.

Anyone keys of them will project your screen. So try to press all of them.

  • Take off the projector cap and focus to the screen

After pressing the keys, your projector is ready to projecting a laptop screen. You need to make a focus on the large screen. Now take off the projector cap and move it from its place. Then focus it on the projector screen.

Focus the screen appropriately otherwise the pictures go beyond the screen.

  • Adjust the settings

The setting is an important part to enjoy the entertainment session on a large screen. You may feel disturbed with some settings that ruin your projecting image quality. Here I will assist you to adjust the settings to make the pictures according to your desire.

Let’s check the instructions.

  • On your laptop, hold down the function key and press the display button to adjust the display option.
  • Here you can see multiple display options. You need to choose and select one of them.
  • Then you have to your laptop screen regulation May that’s 1024 x 768.
  • After selecting the regulation, right-click on desktop background and select properties or graphics properties option.
  • Now click on the settings tab or General Settings. Make sure its screen regulation is set in 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • Click on the apply option and then press on the Ok button.

Now, it is ready to watch the films on a large screen with a high-quality sound system.

How do I Project Windows 10 to a Projector?

It is very easy to connect the projector in Windows 10. With its update system, there are several processes to projecting the laptop screen. Let’s follow the first process below to connect it very simply.

  • Go to all programs by pressing the windows button.
  • Now type here Action center and search it.
  • Here you will see multiple options to projecting the laptop screen. You need to choose and select the Duplicate option to projecting your laptop screen to the projector screen.
  • Then follow the instruction and projecting your screen.

If you are font to using a short key to manage your windows program, there is an option to connect a projector with a short cut option. Follow the process below.

  • Press both Windows Button + P key at a time.
  • Here you will see multiple systems to project your windows screen.
  • Scroll down and select the Duplicate option to project it on the projector screen.
  • Now adjust the settings and enjoy your films and pictures on the large screen.


It is a very simple task to connect a projector to a laptop. We provide the complete process in several steps. Hopefully, you have got the whole process and complete the projecting screen task. Whether you have made a deal to connect it, follow your laptop and projector manual guideline, and make it easy.

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