How Many Lumens for Outdoor Projector {Update 2022}

How Many Lumens for Outdoor Projector

Especially in the day time, the outdoor projector needs more brightness. But how many lumens do you need for the outdoor projector? Is this your question? It is precisely a tricky part of finding an appropriate amount of lumens while setting a projector within the outdoor. The brightness levels of a projector simple refer to … Read more

How to Make a Short-Throw Projector in 2022

How to Make a Short-Throw Projector

Technically short-throw projector is not a new thing. It is a heightening segment of the projection market. Joining lenses Short throw projectors can display much bigger images from shorter separations. If you intend to perform video projections directly, short-throw video-projectors can be the most natural solution. Sometimes you may find only 100-inches at a distance … Read more

Different Types of Projector | Choose the Best one in 2022

Types of Projector

Projectors become a common part of every educational institute, seminar hall, conference room, even the office. Different areas of the room require different types of projectors. As an example, the cinema hall requires high regulation projector with heavy-duty performance. On the other hand, a simple Pico projector capable to project the seminar in a small … Read more